Krock is a swedish collective of musicians and composers, formed in 2005, which is focusing on new, contemporary, art music for electric guitars, but also older (classical) and forgotten works in new arrangements. Our goal is to collaborate frequently and close with national and international composers and musicians, experimenting and finding new ways to play the instrument, and make the electric guitar a more obvious and natural part of the contemporary scene. We perform music in solo and chamber format, but also bigger setups and together with dancers, singers, other ensembles, visual artists and in opera.

Some of our collaborations so far include The Stockholm saxophone quartet, Séan Clancy, Syntjuntan, Monolog X, Malin Bång, Daniel Hjorth, Tony Blomdahl, Kajsa Lindgren, Operation opera, Mira Pyne, Christofer Elgh, Patrik Jarlestam, Ansgar Beste, Jesper Nielsen, Ida Lundén, Fabian Svensson och Joe Cutler, just to mention a few.

The ensemble:
Pascal Jardry
Danjel Röhr
John Viklund
Jonas Nordberg

Contact/booking:  ensemblekrock(a)

On social media:
twitter: #ensemblekrock

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