Where a powerful song of the earth is unleashed

The title describes the power of music that occurs in time and space, where structures collapse and the music is set free.

’Where a Powerful Song of the Earth is Unleashed’ is a story about two spaces. The constantly changing space of melody and tone, conjoined by tiny fragments, and the sctructured space of rhythm that falls apart. It is a journey between the vast emptiness of space and colourful nebulas via the small man’s faith, hope and love.

Monolog X is the composer under alias that wants to be inbetween the pretentious and the naive, the goal being to widen what different aspects of music is possible to create under the same name.

Pascal Jardry – electric guitar
Danjel Röhr – electric guitar
John Viklund – electric guitar
Monolog X – melodica
Hampus Andersson – VJ