Valeries Voice

Krock is very proud to present Valeries Voice.

“Valerie’s Voice” is a musical monogram by Christofer Elgh based on texts from Valerie Solana’s “Scum manifest”. Valerie Solana’s texts are often met by aversion and suspicion. “Valerie’s Voice” focus on music as a universal vehicle to create preconditions to recieve the texts on an emotional level as well as to complement and deepen the intellectual interpretation of the work.

During the autumn of 2015 we premiere the 30 min version @ Nordic Music Days festival (Copenhagen) and @ the Sound of Stockholm festival.

We will premiere the new version in Malmö in February, more info and booking HERE

valeries voice prez
Music by Christofer Elgh
Stage director: Helena Röhr
Costumes: Åsa Gjerstad

Project made possible by kind support from Musikverket (Swedish Performing Arts Agency), the Swedish arts council, Svensk/Danska kulturfonden and Studiefrämjandet.


Pascal Jardry
Jesper Nielsen
Danjel Röhr
Pål Nyberg